The Bouchot Mussel: Queen of the Summer Tables

Enjoy the AOP Mussels from July to February

Enjoy with family and in all simplicity the flagship dish of the summer: bouchot mussels.

The culture of the bouchot mussel found in Normandy and especially in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel a land of choice, the breeding of the mussel is acquired here, its nobility. The "Bouchot mussels of Mont-Saint-Michel bay" are among the rare seafood products that have obtained an AO P (Protected Designation of Origin). Mytriculturists work every day to privilege the quality and to safeguard the natural balance of the site of the bay.

In less than half a century, Normandy has become the leading producing region in the world. The mold, sensitive to water healthy and rich in phytoplankton found in the bay, thanks to strong currents and tides of high amplitude, a medium favorable to its optimal development. The sea water thus beaten and regenerated makes work all the muscles of the mold him guaranteeing excellent quality.

The mussel of the bay of Mt St Michel rises on a "pile": the Bouchot, large wooden stake stuck in the sand and which by the tides allow the mussels to be as well in the water as in the air for a period of 12 to 18 months.

An incomparable product, the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay bouchot mussel unique product of exceptional quality has a shell small, a very full interior, a melting flesh, mellow, unctuous, yellow to orange. This little treasure from the sea, natural, inexpensive (around 4 € per kg) and low in calories, rich in calcium iron and iodine is consumed and appeals from July to February.

The recipes are multiple, very simple to prepare. Cooking them most naturally makes it possible to magnify their flavor: onions and shallots returned with a little butter. Pour the mussels, stir occasionally. When they are
open a little juice (which you can use for cooking rice later) and add fresh cream of good quality. Mix over low heat for a few moments, add a little chopped parsley, and enjoy!

If you want to learn more, you can visit the discovery center of the House of the Bay of the Mount
St Michel
to the Vivier-sur-Mer (tel: 02 99 48 84 38)

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