Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

Mont St Michel and the abbey: "Wonder of the West"

Mont St Michel and the abbey : « Wonder of the West »

Classified UNESCO heritage in 1979 the bay of Mont St Michel will enchant you with its constantly renewable spectacle.

The Abbey built in the 8th century, overlooking the immensity of the banks, is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. It is an exceptional set of buildings representative of the different styles of the Middle Ages. The abbey can be visited all year round except December 25th and January 1st from 9.30am to 6pm.

Mont St Michel and its bay still amaze visitors from all over the world.

The architecture of its abbey, the rock of Tombelaine anchored in the bay, the ever-changing spectacle of light and water create a unique atmosphere where human genius and nature blend harmoniously.
The bay of Mont St Michel, is also the ideal place to observe and explain the phenomenon of tides, amplified because of the depth of the bay. If the tidal coefficients are higher than 100 (about fifteen days per year ) the Mount becomes an island again.

Threatened to lose its maritime character, 10 years of restoration work were necessary for the Mont to find be surrounded by the sea again in its renewed natural environment.

"Mont St Michel is for France what the Great Pyramid is for Egypt. It must be preserved from all mutilation, that it remains an island. This double work of nature and art must be preserved at all costs." Victor Hugo, 1884.


Crossings of the bay

Many licensed guides are pleased to give you the opportunity to discover the bay differently and to share a unique moment.

Crossing the bay means meeting migratory people, walking the shifting sands, seeing marine mammals, hearing stories. It is a unique getaway where you breathe the fresh air, combining hiking on an unusual terrain and knowledge of an exceptional natural environment.

In July and August, crossings are proposed at dusk and allow you to admire the colors of the bay at sunset and find the Mont in all its serenity.

The eco-museum of the Bay

It is located at Vains, just off the southern tip of Grouin, on the edge of the salt marshes. It is an old farmhouse which has been rehabilitated to become an essential place allowing you to understand with exhibitions, animations, the landscapes and the geology of this singular medium which is the bay of Mont St Michel.


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Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
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